“Eye-opener for any scuba diver”

The GUE Fundamentals course is by far GUE’s most popular program. It functions as a gateway into GUE diving and it is an excellent way to personally experience what GUE is all about.


Some divers use the Fundamentals course as a way to improve their skills and knowledge. Others see the course as a ticket to participate in GUE projects such as Ghost Diving or Project Baseline. Many technical divers and even experienced instructors from other organizations use the course to become better divers and gain access to GUE’s cave and tech-training


It is not uncommon to have divers with very diverse backgrounds in the same class, which makes this course completely unique in the diving industry. Every diver can get a huge benefit, regardless of their current level of certification or experience.


Graduating this course with a pass is something to be proud of, as the quality of a GUE Fundamentals diver is recognized all over the diving world.



The GUE Fundamentals course is normally conducted over four days. It requires a minimum of six dives and at least thirty hours of instruction, encompassing classroom lectures, land drills, and in-water work. 

During this training you acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • GUE equipment configuration and use;
  • Perfect trim and precise buoyancy control;
  • Various propulsion and manoeuvring techniques;
  • Team diving, clear communication and team formations;
  • Valve management (the course can be done using a single tank or with a double tank configuration);
  • Gas sharing in various scenarios;
  • SMB deployment.

This course will supplement the training that divers may have already received and will give them more confidence in their basic skills even if they do not desire to go on for more advanced training. The course also includes the theory and practical use of nitrox.

Need more details? Download and read GUE Standards.

Total cost depends on where the training takes place.
Standard price of GUE Fundamentals is:

  • 700 € training fee,
  • 95 $ registration fee (including study materials and certificate),
  • Diving and travel expenses.