"Become an expert in building perfect configurations
- only for instructors”
  • What should be the lift capacity of my wing?
  • Which regulators are the best for single/twinset/sidemount?
  • Which fins will reduce my gas consumption and CO2 retention ?

Dive professionals are being asked many questions about scuba equipment. Experienced equipment advisors can answer them in the best possible way! 

 Tecline is a scuba diving equipment manufacturer with more than 2000 products in the catalog. During the Tecline Authorized Equipment Advisor Training we precisely discuss all the details of the most important Tecline products to form dive professionals who are experts in the field of building personalized equipment configurations for their customers. 


The Tecline Equipment Advisor is normally conducted two days. It encompasses around 16 hours of lectures and dry-runs.

During this training you acquire proficiency in the following areas:


  • Tecline Equipment Configurations – components, construction, proper preparation for specific types of diving;
  • Selecting and building personalised equipment configurations for single tanks, twinsets or sidemount;
  • Tecline Regulators – construction, practical use and configurations, basic maintenance and repairs;
  • Tecline Lights – types and possibilities of different Tecline Light systems;
  • Tecline Fins – construction and use of different models of Tecline Fins;
  • Tecline Accessories – detailed knowledge about all useful accessories like spools, reels, SMBs, wetnotes, line cutters and much more! 
  • Techniques of how to advise students and customers in the best possible ways – “fair sale = best sale”.


Registration fee: 100 PLN

+Your travel and accommodation expenses.