"Essential equipment training for diving instructors”

Diving equipment should support instructors and their students in the best possible way. Tecline is a brand created to answer these needs. Becoming an expert on scuba equipment still requires a set of solid skills and knowledge which is often missing in the ITC curriculums. Therefore our team has developed a unique training program for scuba instructors.

guaranteed benefits of the Tecline Master Class are:

  • You will become more efficient educator.
  • Your students will get more satisfied.
  • You will get an authorization to povide Tecline-training.

This training will make you an expert in the areas common to all diving organisations – perfect position, buoyancy control and propulsion techniques.

On top of that you will get a full understanding of the key characteristics, construction and benefits of the Tecline Equipment.



The Tecline Master Class is normally conducted over three days. It encompasses around 20 hours of lectures, dry-runs and three in-water sessions.

During this training you acquire proficiency in the following areas:

  • Tecline Equipment Configurations – components, construction, practical use in diving and teaching;
  • Selecting and building personalised equipment configurations for single tanks or twinsets;
  • Perfect position, buoyancy control and advanced finning techniques – personal skills refinement;
  • Improving diving safety and comfort through appropriate equipment configuration.


Training Fee: 150 € / day
Additional expenses: travel and diving costs