U-boats (Ger. U-Boot) were naval submarines operated by Germany, particularly in the First and Second World War. They were among the most fascinating and thrilling weapons of the Kriegsmarine. However, their crew members knew the risk involved with their duty.

Over 20 U-Boats sunk or got lost along the present Polish coastline. U-Boot Hunt 2023 is an initiative of GUE divers from Poland.

We would like to invite you to make some nice dives in order to document, preserve and better understand the history of these iconic wrecks.


Although there are at least three documented wrecks of German U-Boats within one hour navigation from the port of Gdansk they are not very common among local divers. The reason for that might be: depths, conditions (currents, temperature, visibility), ghost nets present on the wrecks, unknown points of interest and more.

We would like to shed more light on these gems of naval history and invite you to visit our unique dive sites.


We are planning to dive on three wrecks of U-Boats in the close proximity to our base in Gdansk. The depths may vary from 45 to 65m – depending on the site and team preferences. We are planning to organize 3-5 diving days in order to visit each wreck and collect photos, videos and document potential points of interests such as: periscopes, cannons, torpedo holes, propellers, rudders etc.


Alternatively we can also dive on other wrecks in the area: https://wrakibaltyku.pl/en.html – depending on the weather conditions and desires of the team members registered for the week.


This dive week is reserved to divers on a minimum level of GUE T1 or higher.
Skills and equipment for documentation, photography, videography or photogrammetry are a plus but not obligatory.


We are planning to execute at least three boat-dive days within the dates from  6st to 10th  July 2023.

Our dive shop is located close to the city center of Gdańsk. We provide gas fills (Nx and Tmx), equipment rental including twinsets, stage tanks, v-weights etc. We can organise rebreather tanks and sofnolime.


THORR is a former partol boat (WISLOKA Class) of the Polish Maritime Border Guard, taken over by a private owner and accommodated as a diving expedition vessel. It is equipped with a lift, benches, and plenty of space.


Important note:

Baltic Sea is very unpredictible. Therefore, we need to be flexible and adapt to the conditions. There might be day(s) that we are not able to dive in the sea due to the rough conditions. The plan of three boat-dive days in the span of 5 days (6-10 July) is realistic. Even conservative. If it happens that the sea is too rough, we can still dive in the local lakes or visit local touristic attractions (see below).  


There are many ways to get to Gdańsk. Please have a look here:


We would like to invite you to visit unique agglomeration of 3-City (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia) as well as to enjoy local nature, food and culture including naval and war museums, castles, monuments and more.


1 diving day: 150 € (1-2 boat dives)
2 diving days: 300 € (2-4 boat dives)
3 diving days: 400 € (3-6 boat dives)
Every additional day: 125€ (+1-2 boat dives)

Prices include your airport transfer, diving logistics and equipment rental (tanks & weights).

Additional equipment rental is 5€ per piece of equipment per day)
We will make max. 1 technical + 1 recreational dive per day.

Additional costs are: gas mixes , transportation, accommodation.

Gas prices:

  • Nx32: 10€ per twinset 2×12 @ 230bar
  • Nx50: 10€ per S80 @ 200 bar
  • O2: 10€ per S40 @150 bar
  • Trimix = 0.08€/liter of Helium used (oxygen and nitrogen included)


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Krzysztof Niecko

GUE T2 Diver, ISSF Full TMX Instructor, active wreck diver and GUE Gas Blender, President of the local diving club “Rekin”, Tecline Academy Service Trainer, co-founder of Ghost Diving Poland, co-owner of Dive House Baltic.


Languages: Polish , English

Email: krzysiek@divehouse.pl
WhatsApp: +48 603 537 790

Bartek Trzcinski

GUE T2 Diver, active wreck diver and a GUE instructor, Tecline Academy Equipment Advisor and Master Class Trainer, co-founder of Ghost Diving Poland, co-owner of Dive House Baltic Ltd.


Languages: Polish, English, French


Email: bartek@divehouse.pl | info@batdiving.com  
WhatsApp: +48 790 791 006

Francisca Isadora Abuter Grebe

GUE Fundamentals Diver, Msc. Wildlife Management and Conservation, Tecline Academy Equipment Advisor and Service Technician, co-owner of Dive House Baltic.


Languages: German, Spanish, English, French


Email: isa@divehouse.pl | info@batdiving.com
WhatsApp: +49 176 55779430