One of the most neglected risks in scuba diving is hypercapnia (excessive production and accumulation of CO2) that can lead to narcosis and discomfort, especially when diving deeper and in challenging and strenuous conditions.  

GUE’s Triox Primer is a course designed to teach divers the use of triox 30/30 as a GUE standard gas to reduce the effects of increased gas density in recreational divers.


The Triox Primer is normally conducted over two days. It requires a minimum of four dives (including two experience dives using triox 30/30) and at least 12 hours of instruction, encompassing classroom lectures, land drills, and in-water work.

This course can be conducted as part of GUE REC 2 and FUNDAMENTALS programm. 


Total cost depends on where the training takes place.

Standard price of GUE TRIOX Primer is:

  • 300 € training fee,
  • 45 $ registration fee (including study materials),
  • Diving and travel expenses.