“the best to start your scuba diving adventure”

GUE Recreational Diver 1 course will give you all the skills you need to plan and dive to a depth of 21 meters, work as a team with your friends, and give you a complete theoretical knowledge of the environment which you will grow to love.


Deciding to go with GUE from the beginning of your diving adventure will provide you with a solid fundament and open the way to comfort, safety and fun underwater.


Add a sense of adventure to your life and challenge yourself to experience beautiful and serene underwater landscapes few people have seen.

Recreational Diver 1 is the first course to take you beneath the surface while developing your independence as a new diver.


From shallow reefs to historic wrecks, you get to decide where you want to play.


The GUE REC1 course is normally conducted over five days. It requires at least ten aquatic sessions (confined water sessions), six open water dives and at least 40 hours of instruction, encompassing classroom, land drills, and in-water work.

During this training you acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Basic physics and physiology of diving;
  • GUE equipment configuration and use;
  • Position and buoyancy control underwater;
  • Various propulsion and manoeuvring techniques;
  • Safety protocols and team diving;
  • Use of Nitrox 32;
  • SMB deployment;
  • Responsible and precise dive planning;
  • Basic emergency techniques including essential rescue skills.

This course will give a solid platform for safe, conscious and responsible diving.

Need more details? Download and read GUE Standards.

Total cost depends on where the training takes place.
Standard price of GUE REC1 is:

  • 800 € training fee,
  • 95 $ registration fee (including study materials and certificate),
  • Diving and travel expenses.