Tecline Military is a range of Tecline equipment designed according to the specifications of the orders for Special Forces.
The availability of Tecline Military products depends on the amount of production surpluses.

I-st stage V1 “Military Line” (is certified to EN250:2014 A).
It maintains the highest performance in any configuration – it can be positioned at any angle to the cylinder. Provides ideal hose routing in sets configured with downward valves (Special Forces and Rescue Teams)- this applies to both open circuits and rebreathers. It has a symmetrical LP and HP ports, which makes it possible to use it on side cylinders clipped in from the right and left side of the diver.
Made from maritime bronze, the body is coated with a highly durable DLC* coating.
The surface of this regulator does not reflect light and there are no markings visible from a distance. Inscriptions are based on LVM* (Low Visibility Marking) system.
V1 Military can be adapted to work with oxygen.

– designed to operate in cold and tropical waters
– works in OC/CC systems
– balanced diaphragm
– dry chamber and cold kit
– 4 LP ports / 2 HP ports
– “V” – hoses arrangement
– operational pressure: 300 bar
– intermediate pressure: 9 bar
– material : maritime bronze
– protection: DLC coating
– marking: LVM-style
– weight: 813g

*DLC – (Diamond Like Carbon) diamond-like very hard and smooth protective coating.
*LVM – the low visibility marking system used by Special Forces. The system reduces the reflection of light on the markings.